HSE issues at the site (safety meetings, toolbox talks, emergency drills, HIR’S, unsafe acts/conditions, safety inductions, e.t.c.) shall be reported with respect to the HSE organ gram line of communication. The site nurse, the First Aider, Medevac drivers, line supervisors shall be responsible directly to the site safety officer who in turn shall report to the HSE Co-ordinator.

The HSE Co-ordinator shall report findings to the Project Manager who will in turn report to the HSE committee which he is equally a member. The HSE committee report shall be finally made available to the most senior management HSE committee headed by the Managing Director/CEO, made up of Board of Directors and all senior Management.

Follow up

After the issuance of the final report, the recommendation made will be reviewed. A program will be put in place for implementing the agreed recommendation. Implementation shall be closely monitored and actions taken and publicized so that all may benefit. Read More